Trikatu Capsule

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Each capsule contains Trikatu extract 500mg


Product highlights
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system of the body
  • A liver tonic and also effective in controlling skin diseases
  • Possesses antioxidant property, prevents tissue damage
  • May delay ageing and helps to revitalise the body

37 reviews for Trikatu Capsule

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    Frequency of medically-recommended and self-prescribed reasons for medical cannabis use among licensed and unlicensed medical cannabis users. “I want to be very clear that we are going after the black-market medical marijuana industry and drug dealers with this bill – not college friends who are sharing marijuana product with no money exchanged,” said Senator Paxton. Veriheal provides a registered medical marijuana doctor for you! The most difficult part of the process has always been finding a registered physician who licenses patients for medical cannabis treatment. We make that process much easier by allowing you to not only access physicians quickly, but you can also meet with them online via video chat and get approved. You cannot use your own primary care physician unless they’re registered with the Oklahoma medical marijuana program.

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