Herbal Vs. Non-Herbal: Should you switch?

During times when there is a lot of illegal and harmful mix-up being done to our food, it becomes hard for people to stay healthy. Processed food and drinks contain added sugar and coloured flavours, while cosmetics have chemical ingredients and these chemicals lead to acne, hormonal imbalances, unhealthy toxic bodies, infertility, etc. 


Let us look at some of the major side effects of using these chemical-based products in our day-to-day life. 



 Skin problems are the most common side effect of using chemical products. Whether they are applied externally or consumed internally, people start breaking out soon after.

In addition to acne, people also start suffering from pimples and excessive facial hair growth.


There are several medicines out there that contain chemicals or enzymes like quinidine, procainamide, methyldopa, etc. Such chemicals, though they relieve the symptoms related to the disease, they also end up causing fever and constipation.


People often think that internal bleeding usually occurs if there is a blunt force trauma or during surgery. However, anti-coagulation medicines like aspirin, heparin, etc., cause internal bleeding which is most often not detected on time. 


For both men and women, taking anti-depressants reduces their chances of becoming parents. Men’s sperm count gets reduced, and in women, their ovarian reserve gets lowered. Hence, it becomes difficult for people to have kids or even opt for treatments like IVF. 

So, after knowing the dangerous side effects of chemical products, people often find themselves searching for a healthy alternative.


The best way to cure health problems without the ugly and life-threatening side effects is by switching to herbal products.

One must know that our country is filled with ayurvedic and natural herbs that cure all health problems naturally. Herbal ingredients have the power of healing our skin, our internal organ system as well as our mental health.


Thus, the following are the 4 top reasons why herbal products are in such high demand these days and why you should switch to using them!



The main benefit of using herbal products is that they heal the root of your problem, not only the symptoms. Natural products may take a bit longer to show results as compared to other products, but their effects are always long-lasting.

Also, herbal products boost your immune system naturally and have anti-inflammatory powers. Such products easily cure diseases like osteoarthritis and heal the root cause of it.

When used for skin and hair, they provide amazing results in just a few weeks.

So, if you want to cure the root cause of your illness, you must switch to herbal products as soon as possible.


Sometimes people are asked to take two different medicines just so that they can counter the side effects of the first one.

One can never face this problem with herbal products. Herbal products do not have any side effects and are safe for adults as well as children.

Thus, you can never go wrong with them and use them without taking a lot of time researching them.


Natural herbs like chamomile, neem, lavender, mint, etc. have been proven to have cool and calming effects that hugely benefit people. They help in easing a person’s anxiety and help them calm down.

The natural ingredients of herbal products also help in improving the cognitive power of the brain. 

Hence, once you start consuming herbal products, your entire health starts 

improving from day one.


Many can argue that investing in our health is becoming more difficult day by day. The cost of treatment and even simple consultations are huge.

At such times, herbal products turn out to be blessings in disguise. Herbal products are way less costly than non-herbal ones. 

Therefore, since they are cost-effective and have long-term benefits, one can easily switch to them.

However, one must be careful to never mix herbal and non-herbal products. Always consult a good doctor before using herbal and modern medicine together for your illness.

Additionally, non-herbal products, though beneficial, contain chemicals that produce side effects and do not give long-lasting results. 

Now that you know the various benefits of using herbal products, you must want to switch to them! 

At Garveish Herbals, we aim to provide our customers with A-grade herbal products that cure their health problems from within. 

So, hurry to our website to purchase our various herbal products and get healthy naturally!

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